Become an author at NativeBase Market

Start earning by building React Native app source code & components

NativeBase has been part of React Native ecosystem for long and now we are taking it to the next level with opening NativeBase Market to authors.

Currently, you don't even need a complete app to be registered as a vendor. You can share your idea on what you'll be building and we'll review that.

  • The item has to be built upon React Native.
  • The item you intend to sell must be your own creation and you have the licensing rights.
  • The item to be sold on NativeBase Market must be exclusive i.e. you cannot sell the item anywhere else.

The author will have a commission of flat 70% of the list price of his/her product.

  • No minimum number of sales required.
" Since I’ve made my starter kits available on the NativeBase Marketplace, my audience reach has increased dramatically. I gained valuable testing from the NativeBase team and precious feedback on how to improve the quality of the product. They provide all the administrative dashboards and tooling to monitor the performance of your product. On top of that, NativeBase builds outstanding marketing material and makes substantial advertisement for your product in different online channels such as medium or reddit."

- By William Candillon

"I love how easy the NativeBase team has made it to develop, ship and distribute starter kits and UI themes. With great marketing and feedback, it’s easier to reach and impact a larger audience."

- By Victor Olowe

So, excited about the product you want to sell? Share your project concept with us

For a detailed idea on the whole thing, refer this page. There's pretty much everything there.

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