Native Starter Pro

Native Starter Pro v 9.2.1

A beautifully designed iOS & Android UI app source code to quickly get started on your next project.
This package contains 4 sub units: Full UI app, common API server between MobX starter app and Redux starter app. Package contents

Note: This product is available with Expo client.

Development Environment

All the screens you'd want!

Fully customizable pages with everything you need from SignUp/Login, Inbox, Contacts to Settings and rich collection of UI elements.

Native Starter Pro


Also available in Vue Native version, Vue Native Starter Pro

UI Features

  • Highly customizable widgets
  • Add-on with forms, spinners, loading bars
  • Readily available screens
  • Ready to use Inbox and Compose screens
  • Subcategorized list of Contacts
  • Fast swiping feature of Calendar
  • Enormous set of UI Elements
  • Multiple Layout options
  • NativeBase components
Native Starter Pro
Native Starter Pro

And not to miss...

  • Power-packed with Redux, NativeBase, React Navigation
  • Integrated with CRNA and Expo
  • Single JavaScript code base for iOS & Android
  • Fascinated blend of React Native and ES6
  • Having native UI gives it an edge over frameworks like Ionic
  • Easy Routing, just like web

Backend Features

  • Login, SignUp and Home Screen
  • Available in MobX as well as Redux for state management
  • Integrated with CRNA
Native Starter Pro
Native Starter Pro

Backend Technologies

  • Node.js
  • MongoDB
  • JWT Login
  • ES6
  • Express
  • Passport for authentication

Form Validation

  • Integrated Redux Form with Login screen
  • Usage of Redux Store to fetch data
  • Test cases with Jest
Native Starter Pro
Native Starter Pro

Quality Code

  • ESlint for code quality
  • Flow for type checking
  • Husky to prevent bad commit, push
  • Prettier for pretty, formatted JavaScript code


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