React Native Dating App With Backend [Developer Edition]

React Native Dating App With Backend [Developer Edition] 2.0.0

The ideal starter kit / app script to build your iOS and Android dating app with all the needed UI elements along with NativeBase, React Navigation, GraphCool along with admin dashboard.

Note: This Product is a pure React Native application.
We don't recommend to upgrade Xcode to version 10 for running the apps on the local machine as React Native doesn't have support for it at the moment.

Development Environment
Demo Available

All the screens you'd want!

Fully customizable, ready-to-use screens for users with easily configurable application design, and the right UX for a Dating App.

  • ● Facebook Login
  • ● Instagram Login
  • ● Discover new people
  • ● Matches
  • ● Account
  • ● Chat
  • ● Profile Details
  • ● Edit Profile
  • ● Photo Upload
  • ● Select Interests
  • ● Settings

React Native Dating App With Backend [Developer Edition]


This starter kit is supported with backend. However, you can purchase just the UI part at $100 available here.
Take a look at the Flutter UI version of this product available here.

React Native Dating App With Backend [Developer Edition]

Fetching Features

  • Power-packed with React, React Native, NativeBase, React Navigation
  • GraphCool implementation
  • Single JavaScript Codebase for iOS & Android
  • Tinder like Swipe feature

Lovable Features

  • Facebook Login
  • Fetching nearby users
  • Instagram Integration
  • Edit profile: Upload & delete image
  • Chat with matched profile
  • Users can filter their choice based on Gender, Distance & Age
  • Users can activate / deactivate / delete their profiles
  • Push notification for Chat and Matches
  • Fetching Matches when two users swipe right
  • Profile details (Profile Picture, Gender, Age Range, First Name, Last Name and Email) are fetched from user's Facebook profile

Admin Web Dashboard

  • Admin Dashboard for Analytics with detailed information
  • Available with list of all registered users
  • Activate / Deactivate users's profile
  • Settings
React Native Dating App With Backend [Developer Edition]

Installation Details

Installation on your system can be carried out at an additional cost of $200. Incase you need this setup service for both local as well as production the charge will be applicable twice. The turn around time is usually less than 2 working days.

  • $200 Installation process for local machine Api/ Admin Webdashboard
  • $200 Installation process for production Api/ Admin Webdashboard
  • $400 Deploy app on PlayStore + AppStore

We provide deployment on the following systems:


  • Must have an account on one of the mentioned platforms.
  • You need to have your root SSH or other server details available with you before contacting us.
  • Recommended OS: macOS and Linux (Redhat, CentOS & Ubuntu) only.

Perfectly native look and feel with React Native

Eye soothing UI with awesomely smooth UX!

React Native Dating App With Backend [Developer Edition]


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