GIF React Native Dating App With Backend

React Native Dating App With Backend 1.0.0

The ideal starter kit / app script to build your iOS and Android dating app with all the needed UI elements along with NativeBase, React Navigation, GraphCool along with admin dashboard

Note: This Product is a pure React Native application.

Development Environment
Demo Available

All the screens you'd want!

Fully customizable, ready-to-use screens for users with easily configurable application design, and the right UX for a Dating App.

  • ● Facebook Login
  • ● Instagram Login
  • ● Discover new people
  • ● Matches
  • ● Account
  • ● Chat
  • ● Profile Details
  • ● Edit Profile
  • ● Photo Upload
  • ● Select Interests
  • ● Settings

React Native Dating App With Backend


This starter kit is supported with backend. However, you can purchase just the UI part at $100 available here.

React Native Dating App With Backend

Fetching Features

  • Power-packed with React, React Native, NativeBase, React Navigation
  • GraphCool implementation
  • Single JavaScript Codebase for iOS & Android
  • Tinder like Swipe feature

Lovable Features

  • Facebook Login
  • Fetching nearby users
  • Instagram Integration
  • Edit profile: Upload & delete image
  • Chat with matched profile
  • Users can filter their choice based on Gender, Distance & Age
  • Users can activate / deactivate / delete their profiles
  • Push notification for Chat and Matches
  • Fetching Matches when two users swipe right
  • Profile details (Profile Picture, Gender, Age Range, First Name, Last Name and Email) are fetched from user's Facebook profile

Admin Web Dashboard

  • Admin Dashboard for Analytics with detailed information
  • Available with list of all registered users
  • Activate / Deactivate users's profile
  • Settings
React Native Dating App With Backend

Installation Details

Installation on your system can be carried out at an additional cost of $150. Incase you need this setup service for both local as well as production the charge will be applicable twice. The turn around time is usually less than 2 working days.

  • $150 Installation process for local machine Api/ Admin Webdashboard
  • $150 Installation process for production Api/ Admin Webdashboard
  • $100 Installation process for mobile app/ Expo
  • $200 Deploy app on play store & App Store

We provide deployment on the following systems:


  • Must have an account on one of the mentioned platforms.
  • You need to have your root SSH or other server details available with you before contacting us.
  • Recommended OS: macOS and Linux (Redhat, CentOS & Ubuntu) only.

Perfectly native look and feel with React Native

Eye soothing UI with awesomely smooth UX!

React Native Dating App With Backend


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